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Livestreamer accidentally sets his room on fire, makes multiple bad attempts to put it out

Well if there is one story I didn't think I would be writing today- this is it. A YouTube video has emerged, showing a Japanese livestreamer lighting a match and accidentally starting a fire in his room. He then makes a few pretty bad attempts at putting it out. It all started when his attempt to light a match ended up setting the entire matchbox alight and it was all downhill from there.

Upon lighting the matchbox, the man proceeded to throw it down in to a plastic bag… filled with paper. Now the whole bag is on fire, so he takes it to a corner and tries to douse the flames with a cardboard box.

Fire [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_orOT3Prwg']

The whole thing kicks off at around the 4:50 mark in the video above. When all of his previous attempts don't pan out, he goes to get a duvet and tries to squash the flames with that. At this point, the fire is pretty big and things are only getting worse. The video ends with smoke filling the room, a big fire in the corner and the man exiting, presumably to call the fire department.

As far as we know, the man is okay after the incident. The lesson here is, don't light entire matchboxes on fire, in a room filled with cardboard boxes. Also, water is usually pretty good at dousing flames.

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KitGuru Says: This was obviously an unfortunate incident and probably one that you wouldn't want broadcast on the internet forever. As far as we know, nobody was harmed, though I imagine quite a bit of property damage occurred. If you're going to be lighting matches and smoking at your desk, at least know some basic fire safety rules. 

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  1. Filling with lighter fluid and he’s still smoking. This guy is a strong contender for the Darwin Awards. Actually surprised he survived this time. Also the box of matches isn’t a box of matches, it’s an everlasting, or permanent, match. You fill it with a lighter fluid, petroleum, and use the striker plate on the side, as he eventually found out. He seems to have lost the flint that goes down the middle of the match..

  2. The rule here is natural selection

  3. And this years Darwin Award goes to………

  4. He tried using water; it was too little too late.

  5. Demon Highwayman

    I feel sorry for the child which seems happy sitting commentating on this guys repeated failure to extinguish the fire.

  6. I can’t bear to watch

  7. There is no child. This is a synthesizer which transforms what is written on the chat into sound.
    And just for you to know, the voice is warning him about the fire behind him (while he is busy with the oil tank), and then, urge him to call 110 (emergency telephon number in japan).

  8. Sankei japanese newspaper is apparently reporting that the fire spread to the other apartments of the building, and one woman was found dead afterwards.

  9. Demon Highwayman

    Ah I see ! isn’t tech wonderful ? cheers for the info.