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Motorola has given the Moto 360 a price cut

With the Apple Watch dominating sales in the wearable market right now, Android Wear developers need to find ways to compete. Motorola is trying to fight back with a price cut on the Moto 360 through the Google Play Store, bringing the total cost down to £159.99.

The Moto 360 launched for £199.99 back in September last year. Since then, sales have not been overly strong, especially not in comparison to Apple so far. However, now the Moto 360 is around £140 cheaper than the base line Apple Watch, making it a more attractive option.


The price cut covers all models of the Moto 360, including the black and silver options. While this could and likely is a response to the Apple Watch, it could also be a sign that something new is on the horizon as we have seen the second generation Moto 360 pop up on the rumor mill multiple times in the last few months.

Right now, Android Wear smartwatches have managed to shift just over 720,000 units. In comparison, Apple has managed to garner up a few million pre-orders of the Apple Watch over the course of the month, since pre-orders went live.

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KitGuru Says: The Moto 360 is arguably the best smartwatch option for Android users. However, a lot of those buying the Apple Watch are already tied in to the Apple ecosystem, it is unlikely that many people will abandon it in favor of Android/Android Wear.

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