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OCUK expanding 8 Pack range with 8-way OC toaster and action figure

Overclockers UK is well-known for its 8 Pack range of high-end PC builds along with the first consumer oriented 2000W power supply, so now the range is expanding. OCUK now has store pages for the first 8 Pack 8-way OC toaster, along with the first 8 Pack action figure, which comes equipped with a LN2 flask and a mini Titan X.

In-case you were wondering, yes the toaster does burn an 8 Pack logo on to your toast, it also comes with an OC button that will guarantee you toast in less than eight seconds. It is a bit expensive though, coming in at £199.99.

8PacktionMan GX-000-8P_109806_800

If the toaster doesn’t grab you, then how about an 8 Pack action figure? It comes with top of the line features like muscles, swappable LN2 flask and mini GPUs. It will also be the fasted action figure around with its 10THz overclocking ability.

Unfortunately, neither product will ship until April 1st 2016.

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KitGuru Says: That 8-way OC toaster sure seems tempting…


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