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Sony network hit again by Lulzsec

It seems that every day there is a new story about Sony being compromised and yesterday hacking group Lulzsec said they had successfully targeted Sony, for the fifth time, posting network plans and code from the companies developer network and music entertainment group.

Some of the files which Lulzsec published online are dated to be two years old and they made them available for download to their readers. The posting of these files is another embarrassment for Sony who have became a playground for hackers in recent weeks after suing software programmer George Hotz for publishing the root key of the Playstation 3 console.

Sony have been the target of hackers for quite some time now. Their videogame network was attacked by a denial of service attack which was set up by hacking group ‘anonymous’ who were defending the rights of Mr Hotz. After this, Sony were the victim of a very sophisticated attack on their network which compromised the names and personal information of over 100 million customers.

Lulzsec seem to be out to prove how weak Sony’s security is, with this, the latest in a line of attacks on their network. Lulzsec have also claimed responsibility for recent attacks on the Federal Bureau of Investigation and public broadcaster PBS.

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  • Davis

    oh boy, they really just are on a roll lately…….. I dont agree with hacking, but Sony need to sort out their security.