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Playstation Vita announced, with apology

Sony have showcased their new handheld console at the E3 games show in Los Angeles. Jack Tretton, the boss of the US gaming division for the company also used the event to issue an apology for the attacks on the PlayStation Network.

Mr Tretton spoke at the Los Angeles event and he said he felt the need to address the problem. He said “This is not the first time I’ve come to the stage at E3 with an elephant in the room.” He then issued an apology to software publishers, gamers and retailers whose data had been compromised.

He added “”I want to apologise personally and on behalf of the company for any anxiety that we have caused. It is you that causes us to be both humble and amazed at the amount of dedication and support you continue to give to the PlayStation brand.”

His apology was mirrored by other employees of the company, such as Kazuo Hirai who spoke to the BBC news. “It is certainly incumbent upon the companies that acquire that information to use it and secure it, and store it in a very secure environment. But I think it’s also a situation where once you make sure you have a secure network, then the people who are out to get the information will try to outdo the security mechanisms we’ve put in place.”

The new Vita handheld console received a fairly positive reception. It features a touch screen, front and rear touch controls and 3G with WiFi connectivity. It is due to launch in the US, Japan and Europe by the end of the year. UK pricing has not yet been agreed, but the US will be getting it for $249 (Wifi only) and $299 for 3G and Wifi model.

The audience wasn’t happy when Hirai announced that Sony would be partnering exclusively with AT&T in the US. AT&T didn’t have the best reputation when they partnered up with Apple for the iPhone launch.

Sony need the new Vita handheld to reclaim some of the portable gaming market, as Apple have been pushing hard with the iOS platform. Apple say that iOS is now the ‘most popular gaming platform on the planet’.

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