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Sony say network will be fully functional end of May

Sony have said today that they are aiming to get their PlayStation Network up and fully functional by the end of May. The delays in getting their network back up and running are to ensure that no more security breaches will be possible.

Sony have had the worst month in their history, after their network was hacked by a rogue expert. Over 24.6 million user accounts were stolen in the attack and personal data from another 77 million people may have been stolen.

KitGuru has been following this story for the last month and you can recap on the events, as they happened by using this search term on our site.

In their defense Sony have said that there are no reports of stolen information being used and the company are still continuing to look into the network wide hack. US lawyers have filed a lawsuit again Sony on behalf of lead plaintiff Kristopher Johns for negligent protection of user data and the failure to inform players in a timely fashion when their credit card information may have been stolen. The lawsuit is seeking class action status.

Popular UK news site Thinq_ have an interesting story online about members of hacking group Anonymous hitting out at a splinter group who have seized control of AnonOps, the online operations hub of the collective. Anonymous have denied stealing personal information.

From Thinq_:

The Anons also said that, contrary to claims made by the splinter group, members were heavily involved in OpSony, the Anonymous campaign launched after the electronics giant was accused of legally hounding hackers for jailbreaking its PlayStation 3 games console so it could run third-party firmware.

On the specific topic of the recent PSN hacking, the two were clear: Anonymous was not involved.

“I believe the hackers were simply opportunistic,” said one. “They saw that Sony was involved in a battle with Anonymous. They knew they could easily do this unnoticed. And they knew that if they left an Anonymous slogan (“We are legion”) on the server, they could shift focus from themselves.”

“I don't think you'd find a single Anonymous operation in the history of the entire hive which involved trying to steal money from people,” they said. “That's just not what it's about.”

KitGuru says: Will Sony ever truly recover from this?

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