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Foxconn suspend some operations

Foxconn certainly aren’t the luckiest company on the face of the planet, and the latest blast at their factory has caused them to suspend some production. The explosion happened over the weekend on a product line for Apple’s iPad 2 in the city of Chengdu as we reported yesterday.

Foxconn emailed a statement which read “All operations at the affected workshop remain suspended and production at all other workshops that carry out similar processing functions have also been halted pending the results of the investigation.” They added that other production facilities in China were operating as normal.

The incident was apparently an accident, but it isn’t helping Foxconn’s reputation, especially after a raft of suicides in the last 12 months. The taiwanese firm is Apple’s main manufacturing contractor, producing a lot of items, such as the hot selling iPad 2.

Kitguru says: This won’t help Apple who already have experienced some slow down in production after the terrible earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan in March this year.

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