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3D TV without the glasses, only £13,000

3DTV sales still haven’t set the world on fire, and I think I know why. No one wants to be dealing with glasses. I certainly don’t want to be sitting on my sofa in the evenings with an annoying pair of glasses to watch the football.

Well fear not, for a four man team of ex Philips engineers have been working with Japanese group Nissho to release their first ‘glasses free’ 3DTV.

The engineers have formed a company called Dimenco so they could progress their vision of how 3DTV should really work. The commercial product won’t be available until 2013, but the early indications are good, because it is possible. They have created a 52 inch tv with 1080p resolution, but without the need for glasses thanks to a complex lens setup stuck to the front of the display which allows each eye to see different frames of the video signal.

The set they have developed has a 2000:1 contrast ratio with 60hz refresh rate and they are touting the technology as ‘2D + depth’. At £13,000 a panel its not going to make its way into the mainstream, but we are sure that some big organizations will buy a screen for demonstration purposes.

In a few years we would guess that many of the larger screen development companies will have reasonably priced 3D panels available without the need for silly glasses. Thats what we are waiting for.

Kitguru says: 3DTV without glasses. how many of you would move to 3D if this was mainstream?

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