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If Samsung bought AMD would it be a good move?

Rumours hit the net last week that Samsung may be interested in a takeover of AMD. AMD have been struggling for some time to compete with Intel and Nvidia in the CPU and GPU markets respectively and they are also dealing with a fair bit of debt – a problem Samsung could deal with quickly. With Samsung’s influence, and world-class chip manufacturing facilities they could surely help AMD drive forward new hardware designs. Samsung would also get access to one of two companies licensed to produce x86 processors.

We decided to pose the question to KitGuru TV regular Leo Waldock, and we invited Luke Hill, KitGuru’s processor and motherboard hardware editor to discuss the topic today. Would a Samsung takeover of AMD be a good move for the enthusiast user?

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While there are many ways to look at a possible Samsung takeover of AMD here are some key points to bear in mind.


  • Samsung gets console chips contract and long term revenue.
  • Samsung acquire x86 license.
  • AMD get access to Samsung production.
  • Samsung get AMD CPU and GPU IP.
  • Would clear AMD debt.


  • Samsung could force AMD teams to move away from desktop arena.
  • AMD could lose x86 license.
  • Heavy job cuts are possible.

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