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Cooler Master launches its compact MasterBox Q500L

The Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L chassis was teased at CES earlier this year, helping to bridge the gap between the want to save space with the needs of a full ATX build. The company is now closer than ever to launching the compact case, with the MasterBox Q500L hitting shelves at the end of the month.

Power supply unit placement has shifted over the years, from the top rear on older cases to the bottom rear on modern variants. The MasterBox Q500L treats things a little differently, vertically mounting a full ATX PSU at the top front in order to maximise space and streamline cable layouts with a 27-30mm clearance behind the motherboard. This shrinks the dimensions of the case to a mere 386mm height and 381mm depth.

In this particular layout, graphics cards up to 360mm will fit perfectly with extra room for a radiator up to 240mm at the top. Customisability is key in the MasterBox Q500L however, as owners can choose whether the chassis should stand vertically or lie down horizontally, placing the I/O panel on the most accessible corner of the edge-to-edge glass panel.

Depending on hardware configurations, users can also relocate the PSU bracket to a more conventional position; however this comes at the expense of space and is only compatible with a mini-ITX build. Fortunately, the top, front, bottom and rear of the MasterBox Q500L are all perforated for ventilation regardless of PSU placement, with magnetic dust filters for easy cleaning.

The MasterBox Q500L will be available towards the end of April for £49.99.

KitGuru Says: I particularly like the stylish polygonal design across the sides, although I would be concerned about the noise with the sheer amount of ventilation. Still, airflow always trumps decibels in my opinion, but it might be something to consider when in the market for a new case. What do you think of the MasterBox Q500L?

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