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Cooler Master launches its streamlined MasterCase H500

Cooler Master’s H-Series has seen a steady release of new models across the past year, with the MasterCase H500P and H500M both receiving glowing reviews here at KitGuru. Expanding its line-up once more, Cooler Master has launched the standard MasterCase H500, streamlining the case by shedding the extras of its predecessors.

The H500 retains many of the iconic characteristics of that are essential to the H-Series, such as the two iconic pre-installed 200mm fans at the front of the chassis paired with an RGB lighting controller. It differs from its predecessors by removing the complexity of added options and modularity, providing a more “straightforward building experience,” according to Cooler Master. Tool-less SSD mounts found on the rear of the motherboard help to make assembly as painless as possible.

This doesn’t mean Cooler Master has gotten rid of all customisability, as users are able to choose between the optimised airflow of mesh on the front panel, or instead opt for a transparent front panel built for aesthetic. The easily removed tempered glass side panel is tinted with a light grey for a similar purpose, showcasing the system’s internals, particularly those that are RGB-enabled. Of course, none of this would be possible without Cooler Master’s front cable and power supply unit covers, helping to keep the build tidy.

Cooling is a priority, with support for a radiator up to 360mm at the front and 280mm on the top, as well as native support for Cooler Master’s 200mm radiator. Air flowing through the top passes through a magnetic filter, to which the company promises “added thermal support.”

Utilising the stripped weight of the MasterCase H500, Cooler Master has incorporated raised areas that act as handles for portability, although the tower is still relatively sizeable so don’t expect it to replace a laptop.

Pre-orders for the MasterCase H500 are expected to go live in the coming weeks, before hitting retailers in the UK at the end of July for £99.99.

KitGuru Says: While the MasterCase H500 provides an entry-level model to the premium H-Series, the subtle name changes between each iteration are sure to cause confusion among shoppers. Just remember that added letters on the end of a title mean more features are packed into the chassis. Does the H500 interest you?

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