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Aerocool P7-C0 Tempered Glass Case Review

All-in-all, the Aerocool P7-C0 is a good case and a step in the right direction for the company.

It is definitely attractive, with its two tempered glass side-panels and angular fascia. The front-panel lighting also looks very good and is something other case manufacturers will likely adopt in the coming months.

The internal chassis is decent but could be improved – for instance, I definitely noticed the lack of rubber grommets for cable routing, while having just one fan installed out-of-the-box is also disappointing.

Still, the case is easy to build in and the overall effect is definitely good – the P7-C0’s appearance can carry a system a long way.

I would have liked to see the option for a top-mounted radiator, though, as currently anything bigger than 120/140mm has to go in the front. This means air coming into the case has already been through a radiator, so the chassis’ internal temperature is higher as a result, and I saw my usually cool-running GTX 1060 reach 81 degrees peak because of this.

These are all relatively minor points but they do add up and prevent the case from winning our highest award – however, I am still very happy to recommend the Aerocool P7-C0.

It may not be as refined as the likes of the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Glass or the NZXT S340 (two direct competitors given the size and use of tempered glass) but its front LED strip works very well, it is very attractive and it is easy to build in.

We are still waiting on a confirmed price, but given the glass edition of the P7-C1 retails for £94.99 I would imagine the P7-C0 will be priced similarly.

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  • Front LED strip looks very good.
  • Tempered glass panels are similarly attractive.
  • Easy to build in.
  • Lots of space for cables.
  • Magnetic dust-filter on roof.
  • Mesh front panel for good air flow.


  • Lacks rubber grommets.
  • 3.5-in drive cage is not removable.
  • The option for a roof-mounted radiator would’ve been appreciated.
  • Just one fan included.

KitGuru says: The P7-C0 is a solid case from Aerocool. It may not be perfect, but it is good-looking, easy to work with and I do really like that front LED strip.

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Rating: 8.0.

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