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Aerocool Strike-X Cube White Edition Case Review

Everything considered, we are fairly impressed with what the Aerocool Strike-X Cube has to offer. The exterior design is certainly striking but is sure to polarise opinion – It is available in both black and white finishes which should broaden its appeal a little however.

When it comes to build quality the Strike-X Cube doesn't offer anything particularly outstanding, rating at what we would consider satisfactory.  Those users not fond of large swathes of plastic should probably consider other models, though.

In our thermal and acoustic tests, the Strike-X cube performed reasonably well.  The inbuilt fan controller certainly helps the acoustic performance as it offers a wide range of adjustment for the speed of the fans.  It will also let you connect additional fans (subject to use of 4-pin Molex to 3-pin fan header adapters).

The Aerocool Strike-X Cube can be purchased for around £70 from Overclockers UK which we feel is a little expensive considering the overall package.  We would like to see it coming down to around the £60 mark before we would consider it decent value for money, however we still feel that an audience of enthusiast gamers will find it an appealing design.

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  • Unique design.
  • Included fan controller.
  • Available in multiple colours.


  • Average build quality.
  • Polarising aesthetics.

KitGuru says: A decent case from Aerocool which is a good option for gaming enthusiasts looking to build a compact system.



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Rating: 7.5.

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  1. Does it come with the Power Rangers figures, or do I have to buy the arm, leg and torso parts as well?

  2. Thanks for this review, really like it.

    You mentioned H75 watercooler as fitable, my big doubt is regarding corsair H45CW which is the model Chosen for my Strike X (red) cube. Does it fit ?

    I will check out the other stuff in this site though more reviews about other stuff.