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Intel Skylake-S CPUs to support new LGA 1151 socket

Intel's upcoming Skylake-S 14nm  CPUs are set to replace Intel's Haswell refresh line some time next year, bringing with it a new socket, chipset and motherboards. The new socket is called LGA 1151 and has just one pin more than Haswell, Intel's current generation architecture.

The new CPU will support both DDR4 1.2v and DDR3L 1.35V, it will be up to motherboard manufacturers to support one or the other. The chipset that will allow you to overclock the new CPUs is called Z170 and it comes with a 1 x 16 plus 2×8 or 1×8 plus 2×4 PCIe express 3.0 combination.

Generic Intel CPU

The Z170 boards will support two memory channels with two modules each, six SATA 16Gbps ports, a maximum of 20 lanes for PCI Express ports and for your storage needs, these new motherboards will support a max of three SATA Express ports x2 and either four M.2 connections or two SATA Express.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology 14 and Intel Smart Response Technology will also be supported. Some boards may come with up to 14 USB ports, ten of which can be USB 3.0. Intel won't be supporting USB 3.1 just yet, although that technology is due out sometime next year.

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KitGuru Says: Intel's Skylake CPUs will be with us fairly soon, bringing with it new motherboards, a new socket and a new chipset. The new CPUs are estimated to launch around June next year. Will any of you guys be upgrading? What CPU are you currently using? Are you happy with it?

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