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Intel launches Skylake Xeon E3-1200 V5 Greenlow chip family

Although we all get rather excited when companies like Intel launch their new-generations of consumer grade hardware, we aren't the only target audience for new CPU technology. Indeed, there's also a large enterprise sector to cater to, which is often where Intel aims its Xeon processors. That's exactly what's happened …

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Asustek readies 21 mainboards for Intel’s ‘Skylake-S’ processors

Being the world’s largest maker of mainboards, Asustek Computer traditionally offers the broadest lineup of motherboards for all new microprocessors. This fall Asus plans to introduce 21 new platforms designed for Intel Corp.’s upcoming code-named “Skylake-S”central processing units. Intel’s “Skylake-S” processors will be supported by the company’s new 100-series core-logic sets, …

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Intel to delay Skylake processors for desktops to third quarter

Just a week ago Intel Corp. said that it would not postpone introduction of its code-named “Skylake” microprocessors in a bid to sell-off the remaining inventory of current-generation chips. However, a source with knowledge of Intel’s plans revealed on Friday that the world’s largest chipmaker will delay commercial launch of its …

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Intel Skylake-S CPUs to support new LGA 1151 socket

Intel's upcoming Skylake-S 14nm  CPUs are set to replace Intel's Haswell refresh line some time next year, bringing with it a new socket, chipset and motherboards. The new socket is called LGA 1151 and has just one pin more than Haswell, Intel's current generation architecture. The new CPU will support …

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