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be quiet! Pure Base 500 Case Review

Packaging of the Pure Base 500 comes in the form of a standard brown carboard box with an image of the case, the be quiet! logo and Pure Base 500 printed on the front. On the rear is an exploded diagram with key features to the side.

Internal packaging consists of thick polystyrene, protecting the top and bottom of the case. The whole product is then wrapped in a plastic bag.

Accessories bundled with the case include various screws for fixing components such as HDDs, SSDs, a handful of zip ties for cable management and a magnetic interchangeable top mesh panel, which can be swapped for the pre-installed sound insulated panel.

The Pure Base 500 continues the minimalist look, which manufacturers seem to be favouring in 2019. Although it does have some design features which separate it from the plain box looking shape – the corners of the front panel are chamfered and the front I/O is angled downwards slightly.

The front I/O consists of 2 x USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a large central power button with 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks to the right. Along both sides of the front panel are mesh vents approximately 25mm wide and an open filtered vent at the bottom which doubles up as a grip to remove the front panel.

There are seven PCI-e slots on the rear, along with a large lower cut out for the PSU, a grille covering the rear fan mounting and below that, the usual motherboard I/O cut out. The bottom of the Pure base 500 features a large vent for the PSU fan and four feet with rubber soles.

Pure Base 500 is shipped with a magnetic, sound-insulated top cover, featuring air vents for improved airflow towards its rear. An alternative mesh top cover is included, which would be advisable to use when mounting a 240mm radiator or two fans..

The full-sized bottom dust filter is easily removed by pulling it out from the front. The front dust filters can be accessed by removing the front panel: the left and right air intakes feature separate dust filters and the bottom vent/grip, which is used to remove the front panel, is also protected with a dust filter.

A tempered glass left hand side panel enhances the Pure Base 500’s elegant look and offers enthusiasts a view inside their PC. The white and metallic grey versions of the case feature a windowed side panel of clear glass, while the black version of the Pure Base 500 has a tinted windowed side panel.

Staying true to its brand name, be quiet! includes noise reducing insulation mats in the Pure Base 500. The front panel, the non-windowed side panels and the silent top cover feature insulation mats.

Removal of the exterior panels is quite simple. The front panel removes with a sharp pull from the bottom. The tempered glass side panel is located on four rubberised mountings and fixed in place with thumbscrews. The right-hand steel panel is fixed with two captive thumbscrews and pulls away to the rear for removal.

The Pure base 500 is primarily constructed of steel with an ABS plastic front panel and optional tempered glass side window panel. The overall quality is good for a budget case – nothing feels too flimsy. The metallic grey coating is a good colour match between panels and evenly applied.

Overall, we quite like the look of the exterior. The chamfered front corners give it a bit of shape and the mesh vents break up the panel joints. Not everyone may be a fan of the metallic grey colour though – in certain lights it can have a very slight brown/gold tinge to it.

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