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CES 2020: Thermaltake introduces the innovative new DistroCase 350P

Thermaltake has already introduced some smart looking PC cases, new all-in-one CPU coolers and ToughRam modules at CES 2020. Today, Leo is at the Thermaltake booth looking at what could be one of the most interesting PC chassis of the year for water cooling enthusiasts.

Leo was very excited to check out Thermaltake’s brand new DistroCase 350P at CES 2020. The new chassis is designed 100% with water cooling in mind and stands out as one of the most innovative PC chassis ideas for water cooling in recent times, even Leo described it as “mind blowing” since the major component of the back panel is a water distribution plate.

The Thermaltake DistroCase 350P is based around the design of the Thermaltake’s P5 open chassis, the complete back panel is a water distribution plate manufactured out of a plexiglass type material and illuminated with LED lighting. The front panel of the DistroCase  350P is completely open to the fans and just like the P5, the DistroCase 350P’s tempered glass side window is held on by beefy looking brushed finish metal mountings.

In the CES display model, there is space for a single 360mm radiator only. However, Leo has been talking to the folks at CES and there is rumour that the chassis could support a 420mm bottom-mounted radiator in the retail version. Since the chassis is completely open on four sides, airflow should be very good, the downside of that is there will be no dust filtration.

In typical Thermaltake fashion, the DistroCase 350P features integrated LED strips to add some bling, a mounting system for the power supply provides a floating appearance and the DistroCase 350P features rotatable PCIe slots to facilitate vertical or horizontal graphics card installation. The system on show at CES was built by Thermaltake’s LCGS division and includes specially designed coolant tubing and their own 3D coolant.

In terms of pricing and availability, the DisctroCase 350P is due to be available later in 2020, no exact date is confirmed just yet. The price is expected to be between $500 – $600 USD, although this has not been confirmed officially.

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KitGuru says: The Thermaltake DistroCase 350P is a very interesting and innovative design, the fully integrated distribution plate in the back panel certainly makes the system look less congested since there is no reservoir taking up space at the front. What do you guys think of this new design from Thermaltake?

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