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CES 2020: “Blur Busters Approved” is a new certification for monitors

The folks at Blur Busters are known for their expertise at analysing motion blur reduction techniques and strobe crosstalk in monitors. Using that expertise, they have created a new certification program called “Blur Busters Approved”. To receive this certification, a monitor has to go through Blur Busters' tests with the team's “in-house test equipment to tune and certify display motion blur reduction”.

As said in the Blur Busters website, their job is to improve the quality of “slow LCDs”. These LCDs are the ones created about a decade ago when it was common for this type of displays to have significant motion blur.

This new certification program will work similarly to the likes of AMD's FreeSync and Nvidia's G-Sync. Blur Busters will certify the motion reduction modes used on monitors, smartphones, television, VR, and so on.

The Blur Busters “Seal of Approval” comes for monitors with the following features:

  • Improved color quality of motion blur reduction
  • Eliminate strobe crosstalk double-images
  • Adjustable persistence with variable MPRT
  • Additional refresh rates with motion blur reduction
  • Upgradeable firmware by the user
  • Vastly improved motion blur reduction at lower Hz on a high Hz monitor

The first monitor to receive this certification is the Viewsonic XG270 (picture above), a 240Hz 27-inch IPS monitor, with a 1080p resolution and compatibility with FreeSync and G-Sync. Alongside ViewSonic, Blur Busters tuned the proprietary PureXP+ Motion Blur technology from the monitor manufacturer to meet their motion clarity standard.

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KitGuru says: Is motion blur or strobe crosstalk something that bothers you when gaming? Will you start to look for Blur Busters Approved monitors the next time you have to buy one?

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