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Samsung launches two 4K FreeSync monitors

Samsung has gone ahead and launched two new monitors sporting a 3840×2160 ultra HD 4K resolution along with support for the AMD backed FreeSync technology, allowing for variable refresh rates. The Samsung U24E590D and the U28E590D are launching this year and may end up being a hit with gamers thanks …

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Edifier 980T 2.0 speakers review

Not everyone has the budget for huge 7.1 surround sound kits. So what can you get towards the lower end of the spectrum? How about a pair of Edifier 980T speakers with full MDF frames and a specially formulated bass reflex port on each? At £50, they might be just what …

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Microlab Solo 8C Stereo Speakers review

Today we are looking at one of Microlab’s high grade speaker systems- The Solo 8c. These speakers promise to deliver powerful, clear sound quality with an appearance to suit placement on a desk or as a part of a home entertainment set up. We’ve reviewed cheaper offerings from Microlab in …

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Dell’s 4K monitors priced

Are any of you guys looking for a 4K display? You might want to wait a while because Dell is about to bring the price of 4K down again with its new monitors. The Ultra HD resolution has been pushed hard this year with prices coming down from $35,000 to …

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BenQ to create own brand LED lighting products

BenQ are to launch their own LED lighting products in 2011 with BenQ themselves focusing on the light bulb market and Qisda to concentrate on the high end LED lighting products. BenQ have been planning this for a while and had planned to release their own products late 2010. Contacts …

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