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CES 2020: MSI showcase new monitors and a high spec Aegis system

Earlier on, Luke got to check out the MSI coffee table at CES along with a bunch of new components and hardware. Now we get a look at what monitors MSI will bring in 2020 as well as a brand-new MAG Aegis Ti5 system.

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MSI has launched new monitors at CES including models aimed at creators and gamers, along with a portable monitor that is due to be launch in Q2 2020. The MSI Creator PS321QR is a 32-inch monitor for content creation workflows, it features the first 32-inch IPS panel with a 165Hz refresh rate at 2560 x 1440 (1440p) resolution, it’s also available in PS321UR form with a 60Hz IPS panel capable of a 3840 x 2160 (4k) pixel resolution. The Creator PS321QR/UR is equipped with an anti-glare hood and covers 100% SRGB colour range, with 99% AdobeRGB coverage and 95% DCI-P3.

An interesting new display debuted by MSI at CES is the MAG161 Portable Monitor. The monitor on display was connected via USB Type-C, however, Luke was unsure whether this was carrying DisplayPort signal or USB video connection and unfortunately MSI was unable to confirm this too. The MAG161 will initially be released with a 60Hz 1080p panel, with 120Hz and 240Hz versions expected to be introduced later.

Another monitor showcased by MSI is the Optix MAG342CQR featuring a 1000R curvature in a 31.5-inch VA panel. The MAG342CQR is designed for gaming and general use with its 3440 x 1440 ultra-wide resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio and is equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The larger MSI MAG381CQR features a subtle 2300R curvature with a 3840 x 1600 uWQHD resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio. This could also be a good gaming monitor as it has a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms pixel response time. The MAG381CQR features a unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) that can display system information on a small screen on the monitor's frame, so no need for overlays while gaming.

In addition to this bunch of new monitors, MSI showcased a brand new Aegis Ti5 pre-built system. The Aegis Ti5 includes the latest Intel Core i9 processors, up to Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics and an abundant amount of storage bays. MSI has added separate cooling chambers to the Aegis Ti5, one specifically for the VRM solution, while the case of the Aegis Ti5 features a pull-out headset stand and a similar HMI display as the MAG381QCR monitor. The HMI can display system information in real-time and features an adjustable control knob for configuring lighting and game modes that automatically tune the system deepening what game you are playing.

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KitGuru says: Some impressive looking monitors launched at CES by MSI. The new Human Machine interface looks like a handy feature for those of us who like to keep an eye on system information while gaming. What did you guys think to these new monitors from MSI?

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