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Luke and Leo Get Technical (Ep10) – Intel Graphics

Intel's discrete desktop graphics cards are just a few months away and we are excited to see what they bring to the table. In this one, we discuss the upcoming GPUs and we also go off on a tangent about HDR, display technologies, video connections, and other (somewhat) related topics. Leo's secret admirer also makes a guest appearance…

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Video Timestamps:

00:00 Start
00:15 Shortages, Intel and Nvidia
03:19 Intel to save us all ?
04:42 Leo not happy with Raja for VEGA
05:42 Intel graphics – what could happen? will the drivers suck ?
07:34 Is 1440p the sweet spot ?
08:05 Leo and Luke know very little about Apple.
10:06 Windows 10, 11 , HDR and more rambling
12:18 Leo blinds Kitguru Editor using XDR monitor
14:12 HDR standards and TV 4K 120hz, confusing standards
17:16 Intel have a good record of supporting display technologies
18:29 HDR – we want to hear your views!
19:10 Leos phone alert, special thanks to Leo’s Wife, MeanBean
20:36 Will Intel succeed?
22:07 Leo goes off on a tangent about ‘like’, ‘respect’
23:31 Closing question on Intel graphics

Video Points

Graphics shortages… still
  • Will we ever be able to buy a graphics card again?
    • OK, maybe that's a bit extreme. But when?
  • Jensen Huang says 2022 may be tough as well!
    • And AMD is still pricing products high
  • Can Intel save the day?
  • Even Nvidia and their ‘partners' can't shake the current shortage
  • Nvidia is too rich to be messed with!
  • Do we even care about any new RTX 3000 series cards right now?
    • Would they just be another product that cannot be bought?
Will Intel be our saviour… on graphics?
  • The naming is still confusing, but this is expected for a brand new contender
    • We'll get the hang of this new naming… we promise!
  • Q1 2022 is the current estimation for launch
    • Assuming we don't get further shortages
  • Will Intel get greedy with pricing?
    • Do we even care if they are competent cards that we can actually buy?
  • The Intel marketing videos are still boring, though!

Please don't do a Vega, Intel

  • We don't need another flop like that!
  • Leo still hasn't forgiven Raja for coaxing him into partnering with proper money for Vega cards!
  • OK, OK, the Vega56 wasn't that bad
    • But the Vega64 cooling system was akin to the conveniently timed RAF Chinook helicopter that flew overhead during filming
    • Yay for inadvertent props!

Intel graphics

  • Another license for Intel to print even more money?
  • Expectations are high as this is a project many years in the works
  • TSMC manufacturing
    • At least we don't have to worry about any further Intel process node delays
  • Intel drivers – confidence inspiring or concerning?
    • Intel always likes to remind us how they have more software engineers than AMD has staff
  • XeSS upscaling – will it be any good?
    • Upscaling seems all the rage at the moment. Do you use it?
  • Leo has been playing train simulator…

We still love 1440p as the sweet spot

  • What are your thoughts on this?
  • Ultrawide 1440p is gaining much traction too, and for good reason in our opinions!
  • 4K is still great for video editing and high-res work
  • 5K or 8K? Yes please!
  • Or how about that Apple 6K display? Even more ‘yes please!

Apple… how do they do things!?

  • USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, USB displays, daisy-chaining
    • It's all a bit difficult to keep up with on the Apple front, especially for users who aren't running Apple day-to-day
  • Apple's ability to mix styling with effective, functional cooling is absolutely unparalleled!
  • The HDR peak brightness is so high, the monitor needs cooling
    • But with such awesome styling, you wouldn't even know the design is also there for cooling needs
  • All Type-C connectivity
    • Apple is clearly very much set within its Thunderbolt and USB-C ecosystem

Windows 11 display abilities

  • We hope HDR improves for Windows 11
    • We certainly have not had much luck with HDR on Windows 10!
    • Not least because many of the marketing claims for HDR monitors are incredibly confusing
  • Leo's three LG monitors are HDR, HDR, and HDR
    • But they're all different HDR!
  • Windows just messes up HDR content in our experience

Leo blinds the KitGuru video editor

  • Shining a torch into the camera for a Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR editor to view is borderline retinal assault
    • C'mon Leo, that's a harsh one!
  • Yep, it seems like Apple does HDR properly!
    • Even without any eyesight-saving safety features!
  • Leo sets off everybody's Apple Siri device… and Alexa… and Google!
    • Sorry!

HDR and 4K and 120Hz and HDMI and DisplayPort on TVs and monitors is a bit confusing too!

  • Netflix and Prime Video, for example, on a normal TV look superb in HDR
    • So why not HDR content in Windows?
  • Luke bought a Sony 65XH9005 TV recently
    • Is HDMI 2.1 on TVs implemented properly and with all the goodies?
  • DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, USB-C DisplayPort, HDMI 2.1, the list goes on
    • It's all very confusing, especially when TVs don't really support DisplayPort but computer monitors do
  • Should we welcome a transition to HDMI on PC monitors?
    • Or does DisplayPort still do a good job?

Intel have a pretty good track record with supporting the latest display technologies and connections

  • Thy will need to have proper DP1.4 and HDMI 2.1 support for their graphics cards
    • Anything less would likely be unacceptable for high-end products in today's market
  • Remember the good old days of DVI?
    • Things have moved on a bit since then!

HDR – we want to hear your views

  • Tips and tricks for getting the best out of HDR on Windows would be very much welcomed!
  • Do you watch HDR content on your phone regularly?

Leo's secret admirer checks in

  • Such excellent feedback for his latest video review
    • Which one of you was so kind to him?
  • Kind comments simply will not do it for Leo!
    • That grammar better be faultless too!

Segue back to Intel graphics

  • Intel cannot afford to mess this one up
    • They have been presented with a golden opportunity to get an early footing in the dedicated graphics market
  • Do you consider yourself loyal to AMD graphics or Nvidia graphics?
    • Or do you simply buy from whichever vendor fits your needs when it comes to upgrade time?
  • If you couldn't have bought an AMD or Nvidia card, would you have bought Intel?
  • Would you buy an Intel graphics card even if AMD and Nvidia options are available?

Which boards partners will make Intel graphics card?

  • The Intel motherboard vendors – ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI seem logical
    • What about ASRock as they only do AMD currently?
  • Will any of the AMD or Nvidia favourites dare risk their current relationships and offer up Intel options?
  • Do we still consider board partners to be as important an influential as they were a few generations ago?
    • Now that AMD and Nvidia both sell their own graphics cards from their own stores

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KitGuru says: Intel has a fantastic opportunity to make an early statement in the discrete graphics card market. Which board partners do you think they will leverage for their upcoming GPUs?

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