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Cooler Master launches COSMOS C700M

Cooler Master's famed COSMOS lineup is getting a new addition this week. Today, Cooler Master launches the brand new COSMOS C700M, a new flagship case with the aim of taking new tech, design elements and features all fused together to raise the bar.

The COSMOS range has been around since 2007. The last case we saw in this range was the C700P back in 2017. This year's C700M has been tasked with challenging the stereotypical layout of PC cases, with plenty of options in place to re-arrange your hardware as you see fit. The C700M comes with two key internal features- the side that faces the panel and the midplate that sits on top. Both pieces serve a different function, the PSU shroud is admittedly there for aesthetic presentation but the top midplate focuses on functionality by providing multiple mounting options. If the midplate is taken out, then the PSU shroud can be used as a cover for the front, top, rear or bottom of the case. If you keep the midplate above the PSU shroud, then it can be used to mount SSDs and a reservoir for a custom water loop.

You can see the case in our gallery below. Do note that if the images don't appear correctly, then you may need to disable AdBlock. This has been known to interfere with our image tools.

The COSMOS C700M's cable covers also serve multiple purposes, aside from hiding cables, they can also be used to mount a reservoir or SSD. This expansion in functionality and modularity means that PC builders can try out completely new layouts when putting together a custom system. Modders in particular will be able to create some really unique builds. The screws that mount trays, covers, shrouds and GPUs are all the same size and thread type too, which takes some of the headache out.

Here is the full feature list from Cooler Master:

•Highly Versatile Layout – The unique frame design supports a conventional, chimney, inverse layout, or a fully customized layout. The motherboard tray is also removable for installation outside of the chassis.

•Graphics Card Mounting with Riser Cable – The graphics card bracket can be mounted vertically or horizontally on either the PSU midplate or on the M. Port. The bracket can also be rotated from 0 to 90 degrees. Also included is a 400mm riser cable for the convenience of being able to connect a vertically mounted graphics card to the motherboard.

•ARGB Lighting – Two parallel strips of addressable RGB lighting run continuously from the top panel to the front panel, with ambient ARGB lighting on the bottom that reflects against the aluminum bars.

•Extensive Cable Cover System – The 3 included covers can be placed on either the M. Port or on the mid-plate, with the ability to mount SSD storage or a reservoir.

•Versatile Liquid Cooling Support – A flat radiator bracket design offers more versatility for liquid cooling with the ability to be mounted on the top, front, or bottom of the frame. The two included brackets can each support a 420mm radiator, with the ability to mount fans and a radiator on either side of the bracket.

•Aluminum Panels & Handles – Brushed aluminum spans the top panel and front panel, with cast aluminum handles (and feet) that provide protection & support for carrying the case.

•Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel – A panoramic tempered glass side panel, with two curved edges, offer a wide view of the system build. Lighter in comparison to the COSMOS C700P, this panel is also backwards compatible.

•Rich Connectivity – The advanced I/O panel comes with a 4-Pole headset jack (audio+mic), a standard 3-Pole mic jack, USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, four additional USB 3.0 ports, PWM fan speed button, and an addressable RGB control button.

The Cooler Master COSMOS C700M will be exclusively available through PC Specialist through until the end of the year. Other retailers will then start getting their hands on it in January. MSRP is £414.99.

KitGuru Says: I've always liked the COSMOS series and this one appears to be the most customisable one yet. Are any of you planning on grabbing a big new case like this one?

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