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Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review


The Arctic Liquid Frezer 240 ships in a simple yet attractive blue-and-white box.

instructions accessories

Inside, there is an instructions booklet which I found easy to use, as well as the usual accessories – a backplate, mounting brackets and an assortment of screws.


The four fans that come with the Liquid Freezer 240 are Arctic F12 fans. Each come with long, 60cm PWM cables for extra flexibility, and operate at a maximum of 1350RPM.


Getting our first look at the cooler itself, we can see the radiator is comparatively thick for a 240mm AIO – as it measures 38mm in depth. The Corsair H100i V2, for example, is 30mm thick, while the Thermaltake Water 3.0 240 RGB edition is just 27mm thick. This should give the Liquid Freezer a performance boost as there is more surface area, allowing for extra heat dissipation.

Also worth mentioning is the rubber tubing. While it does not look as good as the braided hoses on Corsair's latest coolers, the rubber tubing is very flexible, meaning there is zero resistance when you come to mount and install the pump.


Above you can see the cooler with all four fans screwed into place. The pump has a 3-pin power header, and Arctic have done something funky with the fan cables.

Essentially, Arctic have designed the cables to be daisy-chained, meaning each fan plugs into another until the last fan plugs into a fan header on your motherboard. This means only one fan header is necessary – cutting out the need for a fan controller or PWM hub. However, things could get messy quickly, so just be careful to manage the cables as there is a fair bit of excess cabling.

Also of note is that the total thickness of the radiator, with a fan either side, is 88mm. Definitely worth checking your case's dimensions to make sure you won't obstruct your motherboard if you install this AIO.

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