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Cryorig H7 Air Cooler Review

All-in-all, the Cryorig H7 is a mightily impressive cooler.

For starters, it looks great – the top of the cooler is covered by some svelte black plastic which keeps the H7 looking sleek, while it is also very compact at just 145mm tall.

Installation is straightforward, though at one point you do have to hold the cooler in-place upside-down while tightening the four screws. It sounds harder than it is, but if Cryorig tweaked the process to mean you didn’t have to flip the motherboard on its head, that would be a plus.

However, the H7’s performance more than makes up for the slightly fiddly installation. Simply put, for a £37 air cooler, the Cryorig H7 is fantastic. We saw it go toe-to-toe with much more expensive air and liquid coolers, even coming out on-top when compared with the MasterAir Maker 8 from Cooler Master. It also beat the Hyper 212 LED by 5 degrees.

Acoustically, it is just as impressive. The fan is simply not audible when the system is idling, while under load, the noise is far from intrusive.

As such, I feel obliged to give the Cryorig H7 our highest, ‘Must Have’ award. If you are looking for a simple, compact and affordable air cooler, you won’t find one better than this.

You can buy the whole Cryorig range from Overclockers UK, and you can find the H7 for £36.95 inc. VAT over HERE.

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  • Looks great.
  • Nice and compact.
  • Beats out similarly-priced competitors by a significant margin.
  • It even challenges much more expensive liquid coolers.
  • Very affordable.


  • Installation process requires you to hold the cooler in-place while tightening 4 screws.

KitGuru says: For such a small, and affordable, air cooler, the Cryorig H7 is mightily impressive. If you are in the market for a new air cooler, this one is seriously competitive.

Rating: 9.0.

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  • Lelisevis

    Over the last year I have rediscovered my love for big air coolers and huge mechanical hard drives. I think the next thing on my list is replacing my mAtx Z170 gene board with a full size ATX. Maybe it’s because I turn 40 next year and I’m trying to hold onto my youth lol.

  • drno

    this thing is the truth. I’ve built 4 PCs with it and it is so much easier to work with than the EVO and does a better job at cooling. With the credit card thermal paste technique you are saving a ton of money vs liquid. Oh, and the PCs I get with liquid cooling gone bad. Air cooling is where it’s still at.

    nice review!

  • Lystfiskern

    Cooling performance is very good – no doubt about it. The fan om my H7 Lumi Edt. broke down after only 6 months tho` so that was a let down. I`ve replaced it a Fractal Design Venturi HP12 and now it works even better 🙂

  • Jason Kane

    Running this on an open test bench somewhat skews the results doesn’t it?

    99% of people will have their coolers in a closed case so shouldn’t expect the same temps as portrayed here.

  • SteveCR

    Are you an actual winner of the contest?
    Yeah, those limited edition gifts were hand made or one of a kind early sample parts.
    If you are indeed one of the original winners, we are more than happy to send you a official LED QF120 once they are on the market.

  • Lystfiskern

    Yes. I did win the Frost White Lumi Edition H7 on your year end giveaway. I won the 2nd prize..not the RGB-version, but the white-led one and thank you I could always use a 120mm RGB fan 🙂 contact: [email protected] Youll find that adress corresponds with your list of winners. Best regards John-Ivar Rubach

  • CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler For AMD/Intel CPU’s vs COOLER MASTER HYPER 212X

    Which one is better?