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Corsair Hydro H105 CPU Cooler Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are going to take a look at the latest liquid CPU cooler from Corsair, the Hydro H105.  Corsair are one of the longest established players in the liquid CPU cooling market and are presently the most popular brand.  This can be attributed to their wide range of products and impressive track record.

Corsair have been steadily expanding their range of liquid CPU coolers over the last few years, and have a significantly larger portfolio than any other manufacturer.  With so much competition in the ‘all in one’ liquid cooling market they do need to actively refresh their range to stay ahead.

The Hydro H105 differentiates itself from the competition as it has a thicker radiator, which should theoretically improve performance over a standard thickness model. The radiator on the Hydro H100i model for instance is 27mm thick, versus 38mm on the new Hydro H105.


Radiator dimensions: 272.5mm x 120mm x 38mm.
Fan dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm.
Fan speed: 800 RPM – 2700 RPM (+/- 10%).
Airflow: 73 CFM.
Noise Level: 37.7 dBA.
Static pressure: 3.9 mm/H20.
Power Draw: 0.34A.
Intel Compatibility: LGA 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011.
AMD Compatibility: FM1, FM2, AM2, and AM3.

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  • Davis

    38mm thick v 27mm is a big difference, good job, although I think it might have fitting issues in some cases.

  • Ben

    I dont know why they only stock those fans in the US, I can’t get them here either. stupid stupid stupid.

  • Harris

    I love my H80, but would like to upgrade it this year, this is now top of my list. Just need a new case to handle it as well. bleh.

  • Aron

    You can get the SP PWM fans from overclockers. Weren’t hard to find 🙂

  • dexterkarthik

    The only reason this was released is for Corsair to be an option when considering coolers for the NZXT Kraken GPU cooler

  • Harris

    @ Aron – where can you get the SP120L fans? I only see the SP120 fans on OCUK 🙁

  • michael

    will the pump work on a molex to 2 pin fan adaptor??? i cant find molex to 3 pin adaptors anywhere to run the pump, i dont really want the pump to spin up and down

  • I love your blog, It is really informative and unique. I am looking for this blog for a long time. Liquid cooling removes the heat from computer. As a result, it runs fastly without any problem.

  • I have a H105 too. And It’s really a great CPU cooler. This is actually target to those who doesn’t do much tweaking. It’s basically unbox, install and you’re good to go. It like the thick radiator too.