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Corsair Hydro H75 CPU Cooler Review


The basic design of the H75 is very similar to most 120 mm liquid CPU coolers on the market.  It consists of a 120 mm radiator, connecting to a CPU block (with integrated pump) via two rubber tubes.


Corsair have chosen to use a low-profile 27 mm thick radiator for this model to maximise compatibility.  With the two fans installed, this is increased to 75 mm, however it should still fit inside most compact cases.


The H75 features a circular copper CPU block.  Corsair pre apply the thermal paste to the block for ease of installation, however we replaced this with our own for our tests so we could benchmark it fairly against other coolers.  It features a microfin design on the inside to ensure efficient heat transfer between the copper block and the coolant.


Despite the integration of a pump into the CPU block assembly, it remains remarkably low profile.  In fact, when installed, the CPU block lies even lower than the heatspreaders on our memory.  The pump is powered using a 3-pin fan header and must be plugged into a header supplying 12V, either on the motherboard or via an adapter from the power supply.


Corsair thoughtfully pre-attach the Intel retention bracket to the CPU block, which will save some installation time for those who aren’t using an AMD platform.


As we mentioned earlier in the review, Corsair supply two SP120L PWM fans with the H75 which are highly regarded as quality models.  They spin between 800 and 2000 RPM, generating a claimed maximum airflow of 54 CFM whilst generating a maximum claimed maximum noise level of 31.4 dBA.

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