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PS4’s Blue Light of Death channels RROD fears

The PS4 has been out in the US for a few days now and as with any console launch in recent years, there does appear to be a few suffering from a problem that renders them useless. It's being termed, the “blue light of death,” as you get this nice blue glow from your several hundred dollar machine and not much else.

Kotaku has rounded up a few of the videos, tweets and messages from people suffering from the problem. Most of them look like this:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-xf76ruvQU']

Sony has released some troubleshooting tips, suggesting PS4 owners experiencing problems that include no signal going to the TV, should press and hold the power button for seven seconds, unplug it and turn it back on. It's also being suggested that you make sure your TV's firmware is up to date.

However getting the consoles working for people may not be enough at this point, as Amazon has already been swamped with hundreds of negative reviews, with people giving the PS4 a one star because it simply doesn't work. Some have contacted Sony customer support and are being issued replacement consoles, but not until the original has been picked up at Sony's expense.

Get ready for a lot of “Sony users are feeling ‘blue'” puns over the next few days

Update: No word on the total number of consoles affected by Blue Light issues, but Shuhei Yoshida tweeted that Sony had sold over a million PS4s in the first 24 hours in North America. 

Until we get some solid sales numbers in we'll not know for sure what sort of per centage of new owners are experiencing a buggy PS4, but it's going to be an interesting few days on that front, since many people are already suggesting – perhaps sensationally – that this could be as bad an issue as the 360's Red Ring of Death.

KitGuru Says: Any of our US readers having problems with your new PS4? 

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