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Corsair Hydro H75 CPU Cooler Review

Corsair have had a lot of time to refine their mounting mechanism now and it makes installation very simple indeed.  This particular model is made by Asetek and, consequently, features a slightly different mounting mechanism to some of their other models like the H100i which is made by Cool IT Systems.

Corsair supply a comprehensive installation guide with the cooler which simplifies the installation process.  We will be documenting installation on the Intel Socket 2011 platform.


Firstly we are instructed to install the backplate and stand-offs onto the motherboard, however there isn’t a backplate required for the Socket 2011 platform.  So we screwed the stand-offs directly into mounting points integrated into the CPU socket.


Next, the radiator must be secured to the case with the fans on either side.


The CPU block can be secured onto the motherboard using the provided thumbscrews.  Although Corsair claim that the installation process can be completed without tools, we found it much easier to tighten these screws with a screwdriver.


Finally, the fans and pump can be connected up to the motherboard using 4-pin and 3-pin fan headers.

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