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Thermaltake TH360 ARGB Sync AIO issue – Consumer Warning

New CPU cooler launches are something that we cover regularly here at KitGuru, we like to put the coolers through a rigorous testing procedure to give the consumer an in-depth and detailed insight into their performance, as well as check out any other features of interest.

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Recently we have received numerous emails and correspondence through our website and via our social media channels asking why our review of the new Thermaltake TH360 ARGB Sync cooler was not published, and why consumers are unable to purchase the cooler when it has been listed at all the big online retailers for some weeks.

Today we have responded to these requests with a video of exactly what is going on with the Thermaltake TH360 ARGB Sync cooler, why it has been delayed and what Thermaltake is doing to make sure this cooler arrives with consumers in tip-top shape as soon as possible. Our initial review of the cooler should have been scheduled a couple of weeks ago, I was all set to run through our usual testing procedure, check out the new features and give my honest opinion on this new product from Thermaltake. However, it didn’t quite go as smoothly as planned, we ran into a very serious problem with the cooler which has delayed the review.

Our initial sample of the Thermaltake TH360 ARGB Sync all-in-one liquid cooler arrived damaged and leaking due to a problem with the packaging, which on the odd occasion can happen, usually due to an over-exuberant courier or something of the sort. It wasn’t until a second unit arrived in the same condition that we soon realised that there is a widespread issue with these coolers which needs to be addressed quickly.

We reached out to Thermaltake about this issue and they were quick to respond.  The product has been pulled from stock at the big retailers until the issue is investigated and resolved, so for now, the TH360 ARGB Sync series is on hold until further notice. Thermaltake has indicated that the product should be available by late September or early October.

KitGuru says: Our advice to consumers, for now, is to be cautious about ordering one of these coolers until we are assured that the issue is fixed, and the stock has been replaced with the revised version. A leaking AIO CPU cooler is a very serious problem that could lead to catastrophic system failure.

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