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Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 Review

Installation really is super simple. The mounting brackets and mounting screws being built into the cooler means all you need to do, is apply some thermal compound and set the cooler atop your CPU.

One nice feature which should help with compatibility is offset mounting built into the coolers mounting bracket. This allows you to adjust the coolers position by 3 or 6mm moving it up toward the top of your motherboard which increases clearance for your top PCIe slot.


It is worth a quick test fit just to ensure there is enough clearance for your top PCI-e slot, and making adjustments to the offset mounting as required. With the cooler sitting atop your CPU, you can use the included allen key to screw it down. With the cooler mounted, you can re-attach the fan.

In terms of clearance for RAM, the cooler itself doesn’t overhang any memory slots, but the fan does. This means that the fan will have to be installed a little higher if you are populating all of the memory slots.

With Lower profile memory this isn’t really an issue, but you would have to add an extra CM or two to the overall cooler height when looking at cases. As the I wasn’t using the closest memory slot to the CPU socket, in our testing, the fan could be mounted in the center of the cooler.

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