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Raijintek ORCUS 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Review


All temperature charts are sorted with lowest load temperatures at the top.

Looking across the testing results the Orcus 240 is pretty impressive. Firstly at stock, the Orcus 240 outpaces almost everything coming in third just behind the Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 and the Cryorig A80. And only by a degree or so. At both load and idle temps are really impressive and this carries through to our 4.5GHz overclock

At 4.5 the Orcus 240 doesn’t budge sitting in that third place position, and again only with a degree or so of difference.  These are great temps to see.

These better temperatures do come with the sacrifice of higher noise in operation, as the Orcus 240 is a little louder at 45.7 dBA which is where on paper it falls a little shorter, but again only by a few decibels when compared to say the Dark Rock Pro 4. Overall some pretty impressive results.

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