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Thermaltake Jing Cooler Review

Rating: 8.0.

It has been a great year for Thermaltake, they have been releasing a wealth of competitive and high performing products within many enthusiast sectors. Their Frio and Contac29 coolers have met with critical acclaim and have successfully targeted two very different sectors.

While the Contac 29 is a modestly priced mainstream cooler, the Frio was aimed towards the high end audience who demand ultimate performance. The FRIO was not a problem free product however because when the fans were raised above the lowest settings, it quickly became rather unbearable.

The latest product we are looking at today from Thermaltake is not designed to replace the FRIO, more to compliment it. This cooler is called the JING, which Thermaltake say means ‘silence’. We prefer the chinese medical definition meaning ‘essence, genetic makeup, or life’. This rather dramatically named product has been created to capture a portion of the FRIO’s cooling performance while remaining as quiet as possible – Thermaltake rate it at a grass whispering 16dBA. At this noise level it is capable of dealing with 200 watts of heat, which we will test later.

The JING supports AMD (AM2, AM2+, AM3) and Intel processors (LGA 775, 1156, 1366) featuring a nickel plated copper base with large aluminum fins and five heat pipes.

Optimal cooling performance:

  • Large Aluminum fins with five Φ6 heat-pipes offers good cooling capacity. It supports to OC 4.0G in i7 CPU.
  • All nickel plated fins, copper base and heat-pipes for better heat transmission.

2 Extremely silent 120mm VR fan, adjustable speed from 800~1300RPM.

  • Ultra quiet operation with 16 dBA under minimum fan speed.
  • Dual unique inhale-exhaust 120mm reverse fan design generates greater air flow to enhance thermal performance.
  • Vibration-absorbent gaskets decrease noise while operation.

Universal Socket Compatibility & Accessory Package

  • All-in-one back-plate design for accelerated installation
  • Universal support: Intel socket LGA 1366/1156/775 and AMD socket AM2/AM2+/AM3.
  • Superb thermal grease maximizes heat transfer

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  • Luke

    Ideal for a media system where you can hide it away, but its too big ! good performer, brilliant noise levels, but christ that is buck ugly.

  • Tim

    When they brought this out in price release information I couldnt comprehend who thought cream and lime was a good idea. seriously.

  • Roger

    The frio kills it, and while i appreciate the noise levels, most people who really care about that extra 5 dba are in the media audience. I dont think many of the hard core media guys use a full size chassis, which is needed to fit this cooler in the first place. I personally think it is a disaster

  • Steve

    It isnt a disaster. Its a really good cooler which is thermaltakes way of addressing the frio’s high noise levels. The only problem is somewhere down the line they felt the need to give it a chinese restaurant soy sauce makeover.

  • Harry

    I dont hate the looks, it certainly wont be copied anytime soon. Surely this is an issue for a western audience as I am positive the eastern audience will love this. It shows however that thermaltake are not undergoing enough market research. the fact they can release a BMW design level 10 case then this right afterwards shows a strong company disorganisation on the end goal.

  • Brad

    It is a good cooler, I like it. But lets hope they relent and make a black version. In fact I think any other color would be better, even luminous pink.

  • Tri Color

    Good well balanced review. I wouldn’t buy this. It looks possible like the worst cooler I have seen.

    I do however appauld them for being daring enough to try it. But next time, lets keep it a little more component friendly. That looks out of place in any system.

  • Raymond Frister

    Fuck me, that is one ugly bitch

  • Henrick

    Its a chinese design, which is great if they are selling it there. it needed a european remake. This will not sell, even if it beat the noctua NH D14. would you buy it ? I dont think so.!

  • Joseph

    I would buy it, I like the low noise levels, and I have a side door. If I had a windowed, lit up case not so sure though. When is it out ?

  • Hammy

    Designed by a chinese dude with a video made by a guy from germany. Full of mistakes, dialogue errors and a design right out of the 1960’s.

    If Thermaltake want to get to the next level they need more staff involved from UK and USA. these markets (like us) won’t touch something like this.

    Good review though Zardon, covered it well and fairly put together.

  • John

    Lime and cream are the only colors they are making? WTF?

    All cases are black or silver. this looks hideous with either scheme. What a bizarre marketing decision from this company. Such a shame too, as it seems really good.

  • Ben

    I like the looks & colour of this cpu cooler i want to have it in my system.
    but what i want to know is how well would it cool a i7-980x cpu?