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Intel demos its cooling solution for Core i7-5000 ‘Haswell-E’ chips

Intel Corp. this week demonstrated its new cooling system designed for the forthcoming high-end desktop (HEDT) processors code-named “Haswell-E”. The new cooler, which will be supplied with the Core i7-5800/5900-series microprocessors, will be bigger than the current one and will thus be able to dissipate more heat without creating too much noise. It will also be shipped with current-gen LGA2011 offerings.

This week Intel notified its customers that it will replace the RTS2011AC cooler with the new TS13A cooling system starting the 29th of August, 2014. The RTS2011AC and the TS13A are the so-called “in-box” coolers for microprocessors in LGA2011 packaging. In September the world’s largest chipmaker is expected to release its next-gen Core i7-5800/5900-series high-end desktop processors code-named “Haswell-E”. The new cooling system will be able to dissipate up to 140W of heat and will be compatible with the new chips.


The TS13A cooling solution has taller heat-sink compared to the predecessor (75mm vs. 63mm), the copper core (of the RTS2011AC) has been replaced with a copper heat column (with a heat-pipe inside) with larger base. The fins of the heatsink of the new cooler are not only bifurcated, but are also curved to further increase the heat dissipation area. These changes will increase the cooler performance in order to meet the new processors’ TDP requirements.


While the new Intel TS13A cooler is more powerful than its predecessor, it is unlikely that it will actually be widely used by enthusiasts who use high-end desktop microprocessors. Typically people, who build Intel Core i7 Extreme-based systems use either high-end air coolers or closed-loop liquid-cooling systems.


The new Intel Core i7 HEDT family of processors due in mid-September will include three models: the Core i7-5960X, the Core i7-5930K and the Core i7-5820K. Intel’s Core i7-5960X processor will be the company’s first desktop chip with eight cores with the Hyper-Threading technology. The new top-of-the-range Extreme-series microprocessor also features 20MB L3 cache, quad-channel DDR4 memory controller (2133MHz maximum clock-rate) and 40 PCI Express 3.0 lanes in total. Since the chip sports eight cores with the HT tech, it will have 3.0GHz default clock-rate. The upcoming central processing units will be made using 22nm process technology and will be based on the Haswell micro-architecture.

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KitGuru Says: Modern air coolers from manufacturers like Scythe or NZXT are so advanced that they can dissipate considerably more heat than 140W. For some reason, Intel continues to use very conservative design with its cooling solutions aimed at microprocessors that carry rather hefty price tags.

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  • snarfies

    Well this is a waste of money and resources. When I buy my Haswell-E this heatsink will be tossed directly into the garbage.

  • Kevin López Romero

    Send it to me :v

  • Travis Christensen

    They are good coolers for people who don’t overclock. On a stock i7 4770k I don’t hit past 65C with a stock cooler.

  • SpycyMitaball

    That’s amazing. You adjusted the fan speed or is it the default configuration?

  • Muhammad Naeem Uddin

    and why wont you overclock if you’ve got a 4770’K ?

  • Nyall Davis

    because they know they cannot compete with a dedicated cooling company. They know anyone who cares will buy a new one, so they give you all you need to check it works while a proper one is delivered.

  • Wredfox

    Why is the thermal paste positioned like that? wouldn’t that create empty lanes?

  • Alif Akmal

    the thermal will spread

  • Igors Jakimenko

    1) new cpus with 60-40-20 whatewer nm scale circuits dont produca as much heat anymore
    2) you need only that much of cooling, the rest is design, few degrees gain and so on.. it is not 4 ghz pentium 4..
    3) do not underestimate copper base with aluminum finns and variable speed cooler.. it is plenty to keep recomended 50-75 degrees celsius

  • Troy Smith

    pays extra for a K and then doesn’t oc gg

  • Troy Smith

    i am not putting a 30$ cooler on a 500 chip so stupid a 45 aftermarket cooler will drop temps by 10c on same speed. the intel coolers only meet the minimum for thermal dissipation.

  • K models are inferior if you don’t overclock, due to a lack of virtualization features

  • @igorsjakimenko:disqus 22nm
    14nm comes out this year

  • zaxxon

    Intel isn’t in the heatsink business. They give you a cooler that works at stock. That’s all they need to do. Why give enthusiasts a more expensive cooler when most of us will just use our own ?

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  • snarfies

    Not anymore – the Haswell-E has VT-d.

  • While true, its not out yet, and we were specifically referring to 4770k

  • Why give you a heatsink at all? They could not and charge 10$ less

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  • CrazyCanuck

    POS stock cooler…but lets be honest..if your spending 600-1000 dollars on a cpu ..if your using the stock cooler you need your head examined.

  • kmo91120

    newer overclock a pc and it stays healty forever.
    fans and watercooling from lga 2011 not working on lga 2011-13 ?
    no fans with the cpu. bad thing to wait more days. ddr4 ram buy wait.
    AIO pack should have been out.
    wery well its new its more porerfoul then 4000 series. so get me watercooling instead.
    tossed in trash. that was fun. run the cpu witouth cooling. dead in 15 sek.
    there are only one fan on marked for now so toss it and turn pc on blah its dead.
    overclocing it does with tool from download site.
    just buy many cpu and fans it will burn every 15 min or less.
    millonares can buy 300 and try overclocking 4 what 3% more speed ingame. NAH.
    not to that person who thoss it away. i cant wait to get a nother watercooling tool to run it
    cooler. new things new ways todo it.
    wait 4k benchmarks metro 4k and so on.

  • kmo91120

    im proud user of this one. trasen IT nope. bougt it as i was noe 2011 v3 on marked. good luck trowing only fan in this month. WTF my computer overheated. NOOOOOO!!! –//– R R r

  • kmo91120

    i newer oc anyting. no use for a dead cpu gpu. buing 2 cpu gpu would be exspensive too. some gpu are allready oc. so if you oc a gpu you may burn it i a few sek min days. downcloc it 4 one sake, that more cool. 4 series still holds power off 5 cpu series. just put some ssd in raid and 2x 4x 290x tri-x and put fans up to 71% more less. install unbutu windows vista xp 7 8 go to store get 8.1. then benchmark and sende youre score to futuremark. no o.c please on me. its allready oc. from fabrick.cianide folks and (www.duckduckgo.com) others creatures. 007 jb with 4k textures.

  • Christian Nikkanen

    Bullshit. Run 5 minutes of prime95 and it’s throttling.