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What if ALL Intel chips were glued to the mainboard?

You can supply systems to people in a number of ways. In the early days, everything followed the Apple pattern. You bought a computer with certain features and capabilities – and that was that. However, in the PC space, we have grown used to the idea of upgrades and self-builds. KitGuru wonders “What if that flexibility in not part of Intel’s planning?”

For those of you with fluent Japanese and an intimate understanding of mainboard/CPU design, we thoroughly recommend you read the original article over here. It centres on what appears to be a leaked section of a roadmap from Intel.

If these slides have not been created spuriously, then they seem to indicate one thing: Intel likes the idea of the CPU being supplied with the mainboard.

i.e. NOT removeable.

This is common practice with mobile solutions etc, but has been avoided with PCs etc so far.

The idea, if it is executed in its purest form, is that the chipset + CPU would be supplied to Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock, MSI etc – with plenty of flexibility in the CPU for ‘pre-clocking’. Each chip will have a suggested range and it would be up to the mainboard vendor (or, possibly system builder/reseller) to decide which clocks to go with.

KitGuru says: It had to happen, but we’re not sure how much the enthusiast market will grab onto this idea. If AMD had a truly competitive part at the high end, Intel probably wouldn’t touch this new strategy for fear of losing market share.

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