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AMD announce new low-power Ryzen Embedded processors

A new range of low-power Ryzen embedded processors have been introduced by AMD, the new R1305G and R1102G are designed to provide customers with a TDP range of between 6W – 10W to create passively cooled, fanless small form factor systems.

In addition to the new Ryzen Embedded processors, AMD announced new customers offering mini-PC systems including Sapphire with its new 4×4 platform, Simply NUC with the new Post Oak and Red Oak range, as well as SECO and its Ryzen Embedded processor powering the Mini PC Kit and the UDOO BOLT GEAR, able to drive up to four 4K displays at 60 fps simultaneously.

The new range of Ryzen Embedded processors build on the AMD Ryzen Embedded SoC that was launched in April 2019. The new R1102G and R1305G processors scale from 6W up to 10W TDP respectively while also offering customers with reduced running costs via less memory DIMMS and lower power requirements. This new power requirement and low TDP rating means that AMD Ryzen Embedded customers are now able to create silent, fanless and small form factor, high-performance system.

Ryzen Embedded R1102G and R1305G specifications:

Processor TDP (W) Cores/Threads CPU Base Freq. (GHz) 1T CPU Boost Freq. (GHz) (up to) GPU CU (SIMD) Max GPU Freq. (GHz)
R1305G 8-10W4 2/4 1.5 2.8 3 1.0
R1102G 6W5 2/2 1.2 2.6 3 1.0

“AMD is ushering in a new age of high-performance computing for the embedded industry,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president and general manager, Embedded Solutions, AMD. “We are doing this with cutting-edge technology to display immersive graphics in 4K resolution with AMD Ryzen Embedded processors, and we are now offering access to high performance in power-efficient solutions with these new low-power Ryzen Embedded R1000 processors.”

The two new low-power Ryzen Embedded processors are expected to become available at the end of March 2020. Both Sapphire and Simply NUC have announced the specifications of their new Mini-PCs containing Ryzen Embedded processor, as well as OnLogic announcing the availability of its previously announced Min-PCs based on Ryzen Embedded processors.

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KitGuru says: AMD keeps on pushing the performance envelope with Zen based Ryzen processors, these new low TDP rated processors look ideal for small form factor silent systems. What do you guys think of these new Ryzen Embedded processors from AMD?

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