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Intel Core i7-10700K reports 5.3GHz Turbo frequency

While AMD has been busy launching desktop, HEDT and mobile processors in volume over the last six or seven months, it feels like we have been waiting an eternity for Intel to officially unveil its next-generation desktop CPUs. We have heard plenty of rumours over the past few months, however, there is still some uncertainty of when the new Intel 10th generation desktop line up will become available.

The latest Intel 10th gen desktop rumour comes from serial Twitter leaks specialist and PC enthusiast TUM_APISAK, which apparently shows a Futuremark screenshot of a system that contains an Intel Comet Lake-S 10th generation Core i7-10700K processor, confirming the base and boost core frequency along with the core count.

TUM_APISAK revealed the potential Core i7-10700K core frequencies on Twitter running in a system containing an ECS Z490H6-A2 motherboard. The reported stock core speed shows a respectable 3.8GHz frequency, while the maximum turbo boost frequency is listed at almost 5.3GHz (5,291 MHz) which sounds like it will be pretty handy for gamers, especially if the CPU can be overclocked to run that at that speed across all cores.

As well as the impressive core frequency, the Intel Core i7 10700K features 8 logical cores and HyperThreading to enable 16 threads, the same as Intel’s current 9th generation powerhouse, the Core i9-9900K, which is still regarded as one of, if not the best CPU choice for gamers. It is likely the Core i7-10700K will compete with the likes of the AMD Ryzen 3700X and 3800X processors, not only in terms of specification but it may hopefully come in at a similar price, although Intel is yet to announce its official 10th gen desktop pricing structure.

KitGuru says: Intel is expected to release it’s 10th generation desktop processors around April this year, it will be interesting to see how the new line up stacks up against AMD’s latest Ryzen CPUs and whether we will see much performance improvement in gaming. What do you guys think of this potential Core i7 10700K with a turbo frequency of 5.3GHz? and what do you expect in terms of performance from Intel 10th generation desktop processors?  

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