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Intel Genuino 101 Review

The Intel Genuino 101 is a very exciting entry into the world of Arduino from Intel. To create any of these examples we tried with standard Arduino boards would require a Shield to add the hardware functions that are built into Genuino 101. But the latter also offers standard Arduino interfaces and features, so it can be used with regular Arduino Shields and components, for even more complex creations. The extra processing and memory of the Genuino 101 will further aid sophisticated applications.

The sample code will also be extremely beneficial as a basis for your own programs, and with a demonstration available for all the main unique capabilities, Intel has made it relatively easy to get to grips with them in your own projects. Intel has also recently made the firmware for the Genuino 101 available and open source, so the Arduino IDE won’t be the only way to access the rich array of features and functionality.


The Genuino 101 is expensive, when you consider that a basic Arduino board can be had for under £10, and whole kits including shields and a host of components for the same sort of price as the Genuino 101 on its own. But the Intel option is an order of magnitude more powerful, and that’s just the core processing ability. Throw in the IMU, Bluetooth and time functionality, and you have hardware that can take Arduino-based making to a new level, and we can’t wait to see what ideas become a reality thanks to its arrival.

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  • Fast 32MHz 32-bit Intel Quark x86 core.
  • A lot more memory and local storage than regular Arduino boards.
  • Six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • Built-in Bluetooth BLE.
  • Built-in real-time clock.
  • Compatible with standard Arduino Shields.
  • Compatible with standard Arduino components and projects.


  • Expensive compared to standard Arduino boards.

KitGuru says: The Intel Genuino 101 is a genuinely powerful spin on the Arduino platform, with more processing power and memory than the standard boards, plus built-in features that provide a host of new creative possibilities.


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Rating: 8.0.

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