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AIDA64 already supports Intel Alder Lake-X HEDT processors

Intel hasn't told us much about its next generation of HEDT processors. However, rumours have been spreading, pointing to a release in Q3 2022. Although we can't confirm this yet, the new AIDA64 update suggests they are coming, as the app received preliminary support for Alder Lake-X HEDT CPUs.

Tom's Hardware spotted the implementation of early support for the upcoming CPUs on AIDA64 version 6.60.5944's patch notes. We can't say for sure that the Alder Lake-X series will be part of Intel's next HEDT platform, but they should be if history serves us right. As a friendly reminder, Intel's last HEDT series was 2019's Cascade Lake-X, featuring up to 18 cores.

The full patch notes can be found below:

  • preliminary support for Intel Alder Lake-X CPU
  • AX206 LCD / support for 6 pages
  • workaround for Intel Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Comet Lake BCLK measurement when OC MailBox is unusable
  • fixed: sensor support for Intel Tiger Canyon NUC11TN
  • fixed: fan RPM measurement for MSI MS-7D20, 7D21, 7D22, 7D23

Besides Alder Lake-X, Intel's upcoming HEDT platform may also include Sapphire Rapids-X CPUs. If that's the case, Intel will probably aim Alder Lake-X to enthusiasts gamers, probably packing fewer cores but higher clock frequencies. This would leave Sapphire Rapids-X to workstation users, likely supporting AVX-512 and having more cores for distributed workloads.

Both series should still pack more cores than 2019's Cascade Lake-X, even if they come without E-cores. Intel had already confirmed Sapphire Rapids won't feature E-cores, but the future is still uncertain for Alder Lake-X.

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