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Black Desert Online is free-to-keep for a limited time

MMORPGs have seen a substantive resurgence in popularity thanks in part to the success of Final fantasy XIV Online and its latest expansions. A rising tide lifts all boats, and developer Pearl Abyss is taking advantage of this occasion by making ‘Black Desert Online’ free-to-keep for a limited time.

Black Desert Online is one of the more popular MMOs in recent years. Pitching itself as an action-MMO, BDO takes the appearance of a third-person action game with a more behind-the-shoulder camera.

The game also eschews traditional MMO quirks by doing away with monthly fees. While taking such a strategy is perhaps more commonplace in today’s market, Pearl Abyss’ choice for such a business model did help it stand out from the crowd at the time.

The final unique selling point of BDO is the fact that it features an incredibly detailed character creator – so much so in fact that it was even made available as a standalone download. To this day, BDO’s character creator remains unmatched in terms of sheer depth of customisation.

Whether you are wanting to dig your teeth into an MMO, or simply want to mess around with the character creator, Black Desert Online is available and free-to-keep on Steam until the 13th of April – meaning as long as you add it to your library, it’s free to keep forever.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Black Desert Online? What is your favourite MMO? What game do you think offers the best character creator? Let us know down below.

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