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AMD AM4 socket-compatible coolers should also work on the AM5 socket

Schematics of the AMD's upcoming LGA1718 socket, also known as AM5, have surfaced, showing that AM4-compatible CPU coolers should also be mountable on AM5-based motherboards. 

The schematics shared by @TtLexington originate from the ransomware attack that hit Gigabyte. Despite being an LGA (land grid array) socket instead of a PGA (pin grid array) socket, they have some similarities, including the 4x mounting screws and a two-piece retention frame attached to the board. Moreover, it will also include an insulator and a backplate similar to the ones found in the AM4 socket.

Besides the schematics, a datasheet detailing the heatsink design requirements/parameters for the AM5 socket was also shared. If the information in this datasheet is accurate, the AM5-based SKU line-up will include 120W TDP and 170W TDP chips, a considerable increase over the 105W TDP SKUs of the AM4 line-up.

The AM5 socket should begin rolling out alongside Ryzen 7000 series processors, which are expected to be powered by the Zen 4 core architecture. These processors are expected to release in late 2022.

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KitGuru says: If you're planning to upgrade your system when Ryzen 7000 arrives, using an adaptive bracket might be all it takes to use your current cooler in your new build. .

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