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AMD “Raphael” CPU render shows IHS with open cut-outs for capacitors

Recently, an insider shared the first renders of AMD's upcoming ‘Raphael' processors, using leaked information to put the visual together. Since then, more details have come to light, giving us a new look at the IHS that may cover AMD's next generation of desktop processors. Interestingly, the heat spreader may include cut-outs, leaving capacitors to sit in the open. 

The first IHS render shared by ExecutableFix already featured quite an interesting design with small gaps all around the package. However, the updated render goes even further on the innovation side by including open cut-outs for the newly added capacitors.

A first look at the Raphael CPU package suggests that anyone planning to de-lid one of these chips will probably have a herculean task before them. Whether they are soldered or not, the unusual IHS design seems to contact the circuit board in 8 different locations. Anyone interested in de-lidding the CPU will probably need to separate the IHS from the circuit board, which sounds like it would be more difficult than pulling off the IHS in one go, like we can with the CPUs of today.

The same leaker has previously claimed that the AM5 package will use an LGA socket – LGA 1718. Expected to release in 2022 as the Ryzen 7000 series, AMD Raphael CPUs should feature Zen 4 cores, an iGPU, and support DDR5 and PCIe 4.0 connectivity.

KitGuru says: What kind of advantage can a package like this bring to the CPU? 

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