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AMD Zen 3 processors still on track to release in 2020

Yesterday we published a rumour about the delay of AMD's Zen 3 processors that was confirmed to be false. AMD issued a statement where it “confirms that the rumour on ‘Zen 3's delay is inaccurate”, meaning that the Zen 3 processors are still planned to release later this year.

The rumour about the delay of the Zen 3 processors from DigiTimes, couple with the recent release of the Ryzen 3000XT series, led many to believe AMD was indeed delaying the release of its Ryzen 4000 “Vermeer” CPUs. Credit where credit is due, PCWorld disagreed at the time, claiming that their sources said that the rumours were not true, and told people “not to fret” about it – and it seems they were right.

Given the turbulence that the rumour caused, AMD put out an official statement stating simply: “AMD confirms that the rumor on ‘Zen 3’ delay is inaccurate”, suggesting Zen 3 processors are still scheduled for later this year. All the official information that AMD has shared up to now, points towards a 2020 release for the Zen 3 processors, including both “Milan” and “Vermeer” parts.

There's still no official word about the exact release date of the Zen 3 processors, but it seems that we won't have to wait too long for an announcement.

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