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Hexa-Core CPUs have dethroned Quad-Core in Steam CPU rankings

Steam's March hardware and software survey has been released, showing some interesting changes in the rankings. Besides the increasing momentum of the Nvidia RTX 2060, now in third place in the GPU ranking, 4-core CPUs were outclassed by the 6-core chips for the first time.

As expected, Steam released the hardware and software survey results for March this week. According to the data, 34.22% of the systems sharing their data with Valve have a 6-core CPU, a 1.19% increase over February. Meanwhile, the number of quad-core CPUs declined,  dropping to 33.74%. Lastly, 8-core chips are in third place with 17.72%, a 0.49% increase over the previous month.

The Nvidia GTX 1060 is still the most popular choice among Steam gamers in the graphics card department, with 8.18% of users having one. This is followed by the GTX 1650 at 6.08% (less 0.22% than in February) and the RTX 2060 at 5.62% (up from 5.38%).

Seeing how things are going, it shouldn't take long before the RTX 2060 takes second place from the GTX 1650. However, with graphics cards becoming increasingly more appealing to buy as their prices reduce, things might take a turn.

KitGuru says: How long do you think it will take 8-core CPUs to take the first place spot on Steam? When will the GTX 1060 be dethroned?

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