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Intel 11th Gen Core series CPU pricing revealed

Some retailers have started to list upcoming Intel 11th Gen Core series CPUs on their websites, accompanied by the respective price of each SKU. The listed SKUs include both the higher-tier Rocket Lake-S and the entry-level Comet Lake-S processors.

Initially shared by @momomo_us, the list of prices of the 11th Gen Core processors from Belgian retailer 2compute show us that while some SKUs of Intel's next generation of CPUs will be more expensive than their 10th generation counterparts, others will not. Taking the Core i9-11900K as a reference, when compared to the 10th Gen Core series flagship, the Core i-9 10900K is about 10% more expensive, but on the other hand, the 10th Gen Core-i7 line-up seems to be cheaper than the 11th generation Core-i7 CPUs.

Of course, the thing to consider here is the 10th Gen i9 is 10-core, whereas 11th Gen i9 is 8-core, so it's not an exact apples to apples comparison.

A comparison sheet including the price of the 10th Gen Core and 11th Gen Core processors other retailers was also shared by @harukaze5719 (above). Unlike at 2compute, some retailers are actually listing the upcoming 11th Gen core processors at a higher price than the 10th Gen Core ones, making it hard to determine exactly what prices the new Intel processors will be selling at.

Intel 11th Gen Core processors will feature both Rocket Lake-S CPUs, from the Core-i5 and upwards, and Comet Lake-S CPUs, from Core i3 and downwards. Intel 11th Gen Core series will feature up to 8 cores, 16 threads, and maximum clock speeds of 5.3GHz using Intel's Thermal Velocity Boost technology. These processors are expected to release by the end of Q1, 2021.

KitGuru says: Given their listed prices, which 11th Gen Core processor do you think is the best deal of the bunch? Will you be upgrading to an 11th Gen Core series processor this year? 

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