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Intel 12th Gen Core processor pricing revealed by Amazon

We are still a month away from the rumoured launch date of the Intel 12th Gen Core processors, but it looks like Amazon is already getting everything ready. Listings of the upcoming 12th Gen Core “K” processors were found on multiple Amazon stores, revealing the pricing of Intel next-gen SKUs.

While @DellChannel21 shared the Dutch Amazon listings, @momomo_us posted those from Amazon UK and Amazon FR. We also checked the product codes shared by @momomo_us on Amazon Italy, and we also found the entire Intel 12th Gen Core processor line-up. The prices are not the same across the four Amazon stores, but most have small variations.

In the following table, you can see the listed prices of each CPU on the Amazon stores:

Processor Amazon NL Amazon UK Amazon FR Amazon IT
Intel Core i9-12900K €846.92 £791.16 €919.88 €935.22
Intel Core i9-12900KF €886,57 £753.30 €879.24 €893.89
Intel Core i7-12700K €641.38 £550.16 €636.08 €646.69
Intel Core i7-12700KF €556.63 £397.13 €436.01 €443.27
Intel Core i5-12600K €323.83 £311.41 €321.16 €326.51
Intel Core i5-12600KF Not listed Not listed €403.96 €410.69

The SKU listings' naming mentions a clock speed, but we are not sure if it applies to the efficient or the performance cores. The Core i9-12900K entry mentions a 3.2GHz clock, the i7-12700K shows 3.6GHz, and the i5-12600K shows 3.7GHz. Considering the values, we would assume it's the base clock for one of the core clusters, most likely the performance core cluster.

Intel 12th Gen Core processors are expected to come out on November 4th.

KitGuru says: These might not be Intel's official MSRP prices, but for now, this gives us a good guideline of what to expect from retail pricing at launch. 

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