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Intel ‘Alder Lake’ Core i9-12900K shows up on Basemark database

An entry on Basemark's database suggests that someone has tested the upcoming Intel ‘Alder Lake' Core i9-12900K on the Basemark benchmark. The processor specifications listed on the entry don't look correct, but that might be because this benchmark isn't yet fully compatible with hybrid architectures.

As per the benchmark result spotted by @benchleaks, this Core i9-12900K processor has 12x cores, but most reports suggest this processor will instead feature 16x cores (8x big cores and 8x small cores) and 24x threads. We can't confirm why Basemark only detected 12 out of the reported 16 cores, but if we had to guess, it might have been because the benchmark detected 24x threads and divided by 2. The listed CPU speed was also lower than expected for this processor, registering just 3.2GHz. Considering there will be two types of cores, this CPU speed might refer to just one set of cores.

The rest of the system included an Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU and an Acer Z69H6-AM motherboard. Looking at the motherboard's name, it should be an Acer motherboard based on the Z690 chipset, but that's hard to confirm at this point. Moreover, the system was running the Windows 22000.132 build, which is actually the latest Windows 11 beta.

The database entry shows the score achieved by the system on the Basemark GPU 1.2 High (DirectX 12). with a 17744 score, the system looks to be on the same level as most systems using an RTX 3080.

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KitGuru says: Looking at the system specifications, this could well be an upcoming Acer gaming desktop featuring an Intel Alder Lake CPU. If that's correct, then OEMs are already testing the new CPUs, meaning the launch of these processors should be right around the corner.

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