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Intel Alder Lake-S line-up to include ‘KF’ series processors

Back when Intel 9th Gen Core desktop processors launched, Intel included a new series of “KF” chips, allowing overclocking while removing integrated graphics. According to new leaks this week, the upcoming Intel 12th Gen series, otherwise known as “Alder Lake-S”, will also feature ‘KF' processors. 

The news comes from @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, who shared an image showing what seems to be all the K and KF series processors listed in a database. If history serves us right, the difference between the K and KF series CPUs should only be the lack of an iGPU in the KF chips, with the rest of the specifications remaining unchanged. This includes TDP, clock frequencies, core configurations, and so on.

The existence of KF processors on the 12th Gen Core desktop line-up comes as no surprise, given that Intel has been doing for the past three generations of desktop Core processors. However, the report backs up what we've come to expect, allowing users to possibly save some money when upgrading to the Alder Lake platform, as the KF processors are usually cheaper than their K counterparts.

The Intel Alder Lake-S line-up is expected to debut later this year, alongside the 600-series motherboards. Besides the significant change in processor architecture, the new platform will also support DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

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KitGuru says: Are you planning to upgrade your system once the Alder Lake-S CPUs release? Would you rather go for the K series chip with an iGPU or a KF chip without an iGPU? 

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