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Intel Raptor Lake processors may continue support for DDR4 memory

With Alder Lake-S, Intel introduced support for DDR5 memory, although some motherboards continue to offer DDR4 memory support as a cheaper alternative. It looks like this strategy will continue with Intel's 13th Gen Core processors too, with a prominent leaker claiming Raptor Lake will also support DDR4. 

As reported by Moore's Law Is Dead, Raptor Lake won't exclusively support DDR5 memory, instead DDR4 will continue to be an option. If this proves to be true, it offers Alder Lake buyers a better upgrade path, as those that jump on to the new platform using DDR4 may have the chance to upgrade to Raptor Lake by simply switching the CPU.

Considering Raptor Lake is expected to be an Alder Lake refresh, support for DDR4 memory isn't surprising. The new architecture is supposed to offer a small IPC increase, higher clocks and more cores (up to 8x P-cores and 16x E-cores). Like Alder Lake, Raptor Lake CPUs should also come to mobile platforms, but details about them are still scarce.

Raptor Lake is expected to debut in late 2022, right on time to rival AMD Zen4-based processors.

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KitGuru says: This report sure paints a better picture of the Intel Alder Lake upgrade path. If upgradability was holding you back from jumping to Intel 12th Gen Core processors, this should at least give some hope.

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