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Intel’s next-gen HEDT platform reportedly coming in Q3 2022

It has been a while since Intel launched new HEDT CPUs and according to reports this week, we will be waiting a bit longer. Apparently, Intel's next-gen HEDT platform is codenamed “Fishhawk Falls” and will be based on the Sapphire Rapids server platform, adapted for mainstream workstations. 

According to Moore's Law is Dead, Intel's next-gen HEDT processors will feature a maximum core count between 28 and 36 cores, as it uses an MCC design. Maximum boost clock speeds are rumoured to be around 4.5GHz, with 5.0GHz being a possibility. TDP is said to range between 270W and 400W, but at the moment, the top model is only running at 300W. Fishhawk Falls should support DDR5 memory across 4x channels with ECC and 64x PCIe 5.0 lanes.

On the Xeon front, Intel is still working on Sapphire Rapids, which will succeed Ice Lake next year. These new Xeon processors could feature up to 56 cores and boost over 4GHz. The current top chip in this line-up is said to be running at a 350W TDP, and 12-core samples are being tested.

This new platform is expected to support PCIe 5.0 (112x lanes) and DDR5 memory across 8x memory channels. If all the 16x DIMMs are populated, memory speed should max at 4,400Mbit/s, but if there are only 8x DIMMs occupied, the memory speed may increase to 4,800Mbit/s. For now, each motherboard only supports one CPU, but that may also change.

KitGuru says: If you have been waiting for a new Intel HEDT CPU, this is good news, but we still seem to be some ways off from an official announcement and launch. 

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