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Intel’s Tiger Lake architecture teased for summer launch

Intel's Tiger Lake launch appears to be on the horizon. The chipmaker has started to send marketing kits teasing the launch of the 11th Gen mobile processors for this summer. 

This is not the first time that Intel has done something like this. Back when Coffee Lake launched, Intel sent bags of coffee to select members of the press in a promotional campaign for its 8th Gen processors. Now it seems Intel is doing the same for Tiger Lake.

According to the tweet shared by LegitReviews, the marketing kit includes a blue planter and a bag with two orange Lily (Lilium ‘Tiger's Roar') seeds ready to be planted. So far this is the only press kit to have been publicly shown off, but it's possible these kits will be sent to other reviewers in the coming weeks.

Tiger Lake is rumoured to be Intel's first CPU architecture featuring Xe graphics and the Willow Cove core architecture. Additionally, rumours also suggest that Tiger Lake will use the 10nm process node, so this could be the beginning of the end for Intel's 14nm process node, which the company has been using for the last 5 years.

Tiger Lake is expected to launch this summer and, based on some early leaked benchmarks, it could rival AMD mobile processors.

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KitGuru says: What sort of performance are you hoping to see from Intel's Tiger Lake architecture? How do you think it will compare to Ryzen 4000 mobile processors?

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